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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The “10 in 1” Keyword Software

As an internet marketer, you understand the importance of finding great keywords for your web site or blog, and you also understand how essential keyword software can be to the process. With the Micro Niche Finder tool, not only can you do fast, efficient keyword research, but within one drop down menu, you can also complete a multitude of other tasks to help you grow your business. It’s like 10 tools in one! Here is a very brief description of different ways to put this keyword tool to work for you!

1. Keyword search
Returns up to 200 keywords instantly and includes search volumes, strength of competition, ad costs and number of competing pages.

2. Clickbank search
From the screen access to the exact page on Clickbank selling related products.

3. Amazon search
From the screen access directly to related Amazon products.

4. Content
Micro niche finder keyword software provides access to both licensed and unlicensed content on Google to provide information for article writing ideas.

5. Ezine
Included in the drop down menu as well is a direct link to Ezinearticles that have been written on your topic and topics that are similar. You save tons of time by not having to search ezine yourself for the articles you want.

6. Google trends
Google trends provides insight into the search patterns over time for the keyword you have entered, and includes such information as search volumes over the past several years as well as geographical search trends.

7. Domain look up
Quickly check to see if anyone has registered a domain with your keyword phrase.

8. Ad word ads
With one click this keyword software will show you how many advertisers are placing ads specific to your keyword.

9. Affiliate program search
Save yourself a lot of time searching the internet for affiliate programs that sell the product you want to promote. Micro Niche Finder brings up a page that takes you straight to several potential programs

10. Google product search
Google product search is also included in MNF keyword software. If you have found a product you think you’d like to promote, a Google product search will quickly show you who else on the web is promoting that same product.

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Which Keyword Tool Is Right For You?

Identifying a niche that you can turn into a money making web site is the first challenge of many internet marketers. Niche marketers have two options when it comes to using a keyword tool that can help them do this; you can use free tools or paid tools, two of the most popular being Micro Niche Finder as a paid tool and Google Adwords tool as a free method. Either can help you get the job done, but many believe a paid tool gives you so much more.

Most internet marketers that are just starting out often start with free tools to save money. Free tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword tool and Wordtracker’s free tool provide a wealth of information and many people never use anything else. These tools will tell you how many times a month people are searching on the internet for your idea. Google will also tell you the price of Google ads related to the product as well as provide a list of other related keywords that you can use to develop your site. But that’s about all these free tools can do.

Paid tools like Micro Niche Finder provide a means to obtain all that same information plus a whole lot more. With Micro Niche Finder you can not only determine the search volumes for your niche, you can also find out tons of other relevant information. Micro Niche Finder reveals in one easy to read chart, not only the number of people searching for that keyword, but also how many competing web pages have been optimized for your keyword and the strength of those competing pages. This same information can be obtained without using a paid tool but it generally requires opening and closing multiple screens and going back and forth between different sites to get the same amount of information.

If budget is your main concern, you can certainly keep working with free keyword tools. But as the old saying goes, “Time is Money.” And most internet marketers want to make money. Micro Niche Finder is just the tool you need to save you time so you can make more money!

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